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IBM and MIT together in artificial intelligence 

To foster hardware, software, and algorithms in the field of artificial intelligence, IBM pledged $ 240 million investment over 10 years to create a new lab with MIT.

A big investment


IBM and MIT have announced that IBM will invest $ 240 million in 10 years to create a dedicated artificial intelligence lab in collaboration with MIT.

The lab will carry out basic research in the field of artificial intelligence (IA) by promoting scientific innovations that unlock its potential. The collaboration is aimed at promoting the advancement of hardware, software and artificial intelligence algorithms, related to deep learning and other areas, to enhance the impact of artificial intelligence in the various industries such as healthcare and cybersecurity, and to explore its economic and ethical implications in society. The investment will fund the research of IBM and MIT scientists.

The new laboratory is one of the long-term collaborations between universities and industry in the field of artificial intelligence, capable of engaging the skills of over 100 scientists, professors and students. The project will take place at IBM’s research lab at Cambridge, where IBM Watson Health and IBM Security is located, as well as at the nearby MIT campus.

The workshop will be co-chaired by IBM’s IBM Research Vice President and IBM Q, Dario Gil, and Anantha P. Chandrakasan, Rector of the School of Engineering at MIT. IBM and MIT will launch a bid to MIT researchers and IBM scientists to allow them to present research ideas with the goal of overcoming science and technology barriers in the field of artificial intelligence.

Today’s artificial intelligence systems


In addition to achieving innovations that overcome the boundaries of artificial intelligence, an important goal of the new lab is to encourage MIT and its students to create companies dedicated to the marketing of inventions and technologies developed in the lab. And what do we know about casino games and artificial intelligence? It is known some examples of scientists taking on certain gambling problems. Roulette has almost been like a case study for people interested in gaming, so play at roulette casino could be very important part of the technologies development.

“The AI industry has experienced incredible growth and development over the past ten years. However, today’s artificial intelligence systems, though noteworthy, require new solutions to address the increasingly complex problems in the world, in order to improve working and living conditions in general, “says John Kelly III, Senior Vice President IBM, Cognitive Solutions and Research. “Extremely extensive and specific technical skills and talents made available by MIT and IBM are unparalleled and will lead the field of artificial intelligence for at least another ten years.”

“I am happy with this new collaboration,” says MIT President Rafael Reif. “True innovations are often the result of a creative way of thinking inspired by heterogeneous research teams. The combined talent of MIT and IBM for this new goal will provide a formidable force for a sector with tremendous potential to increase knowledge and help solve important issues. “

virus affected pc

How to Stay Safe: New Computer Viruses

If you are old enough to have owned an Intel 80286, 80386 or 80486, you have seen the amazing evolution of computers. During this time in the late 80s and early 90s also first computer viruses appeared.

Most often it was nothing more than an annoyance if you caught one. Maybe someone could take over your mouse, your computer would freeze. Worst case scenario, it would delete everything on the hard drive.

But back then rarely did someone have crucial information on their computers, anyway.
Nonetheless, viruses have evolved along with the technology revolution. Now, computers are our workstations, pleasure domes, they store your personal information, photos, videos., etc.
Many agree that losing your computer information would be a disaster.


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Modern viruses

This will not be an extensive list of viruses. I will only mention a few that you should know about:

  • Trojans
  • Adware
  • Keyloggers
  • Botnet
  • Ransomware

Trojans nowadays are rarely a problem, as is adware. Usually, caught through torrent downloads, pornographic sites and shady online gambling sites. Essentially, if you are searching for no cost pokies, do so through trusted channels, respected sites, forum recommendations, etc.

Adware is commonly found when computers are brought for repairs but are rarely the cause of such repairs. It will show you ads but, as annoying as it may sometimes be, it won’t harm your computer.

If your computer is caught by botnet hackers, your computer will become one of thousands all over the world used in DDoS attacks. DDoS, or distributed denial of service attack is when a group of computers is used on one particular target (such as recent attacks on Spotify).

DDoS attacks are often successful because of the shear force (10,000+ computers) that are used in an attack. Worst thing for the user is that you don’t know when your computer is a part of a botnet network.

Ransomware is a new type of an attack, extremely prominent due to high targets (banks, airlines, etc.) in 2017. Hackers steal your information or block your computer and demand you pay a ransom to get it unlocked.


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Recent outbreak of hijack viruses

How to stay safe?
Educate yourself.

You can use anti-malware programs and that helps, of course. But in the end, only you, knowing how to use a strong password, how not to get caught in an email scam, learning how to check suspicious URLs before you click are the ways you can truly protect yourself.

Did you hear the recent event when White House staff member was scammed in an email? That’s senior cyber security adviser? Here only plain carelessness is at fault and no antivirus would have helped if it were a serious hacker attack.



Remember when nude photos of celebrities were leaked?

Some said they are at fault for taking those pictures. They aren’t.

But that doesn’t make it safe to keep highly private information on your hard drive that’s online 24/7.

You don’t have to be an expert to protect yourself. Simply read up a bit, don’t open email attachments from strangers and why not also get an external hard drive?

What is Artificial intelligence?

Since the development of technology, there has been a rapid growth in some inventions and technologies. There is no growth not only in the number of machines but also growth in the capabilities to perform various tasks by the machines.

There is a branch of Computer Science also called Artificial Intelligence (AI) that strives to create machines to carry out the task in the likeness of the human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is based on diverse disciplines that involve Computer Science, Psychology, Linguistics, Biology, Engineering, Sociology, Neuron Science, Philosophy and Mathematics. Knowledge engineering is a core element of the AI research. The whole concept is Artificial Intelligence is not something new, it has been around for quite a long time. John McCarthy, an American computer scientist, coined the term and is also known as the father of Artificial Intelligence calls it as “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.” While studying computer systems and its capabilities, humans started to think if machines can work like humans, of course, machines can work better than human but Artificial Intelligence takes it to another level by trying to make machines/computer programs to display intelligent behavior, to learn, to reason, solve problems and behave as humans do. Now, the term Artificial Intelligence has become an umbrella term that consists from robotic process automation to the real robotics.

There is a difference between the functions of machines or computer programs that do not involve Artificial Intelligence, and that does. A computer program that includes Artificial Intelligence can answer general questions that are meant to be solved; it can take in new modifications by putting together independent pieces of information together thereby making it easy and providing a means of quick alterations to programs without having to alter the whole structure of the program. Artificial Intelligence can provide quite a speed for executing the complex programs.

Arend Hintze who is an assistant professor of integrative biology and computer science and engineering at the Michigan State University has classified Artificial Intelligence into four types which are:

  1. Type 1- Reactive machine: An example is the Deep Blue the IBM chess program that beat Garry Kasparov in the 1990’s. It analyses possible moves in the game but has no record of the games that are played previously.
  2. Type 2- Limited memory: These systems are enabled to use past knowledge to inform the future decisions.
  3. Type 3- Theory of mind: This program is assigned to understand that others have their set of beliefs and intentions that influence the decisions they make. Albeit this type of Artificial Intelligence has not been developed yet.
  4. Type 4- Self-awareness: Artificial Intelligence in this category has a sense of self and also has consciousness. This type of program to has not been developed yet.

Artificial Intelligence can be used in numerous fields such as in health care, in businesses, in the field of finance, education, law and also in the field of manufacturing.

How does artificial intelligence work?

According to the Oxford dictionary, Artificial Intelligence is a theory and development of computer systems which enables the system the ability to perform a task which would normally require human intelligence like visual perception, decision making, speech recognition and translations.

Artificial Intelligence in itself is a vast field that covers almost everything that has to do with infusing machine with human likeness intelligence and there is no one specific way that it works as Artificial Intelligence is simply not one technology. It touches upon multiple domains for common task, formal task or expert task and it is the beginning of reshaping our world and the way we live. Here are some examples of how Artificial intelligence has been used to work-

  1. Game playing- Early research was done using popular board games as most games are played using a set of rules, and the board configuration is easily represented in the computer which does not require complex formalisms. This computer program can manipulate strategic games by analysing its moves, and its opponents move, the machine can play effectively against any human. AI’s has increased exponentially, and it has surpassed the level of board games and now produces other video games.
  2. Natural Language Generation- It is where the chat bots can recognise the natural human language, producing text from computer data when communicating directly with its use or any customers. It is currently used for customer service, to summarise business insights and generating reports.
  3. Virtual Agent- Virtual assistance from chat bots to advanced systems that can communicate with humans. Virtual agents are currently used for customer services and support and also as a smart home manager. Examples of Virtual agents can e Siri, Cortana or Google Now which are all intelligent digital personal assistants on some platforms.
  4. Robotics- The robotics are computer programs which can see, hear and also react to the sensory stimuli like the light, heat, temperature, sound and pressure as well. A machine that can be programmed to perform manual activities.
  5. Heuristics Classifications- This term refers to finding and discovering- to find the problem and to discover the solution. It is a possible kind of expert system using some sources of information in one fixed set of the category.
  6. Expert Systems- This field is where the computer can be programmed to make decisions in real life situations. It integrates machines with software and specific information which lets the system give reasoning, or explanations of even advice to the user. It requires an engineer to interview experts in specific areas and then it tries to embody their knowledge to the program so that it is capable of carrying out some of the tasks.

As mentioned earlier, the field of Artificial Intelligence is very vast, and the areas mentioned above of work are not the only area of work for Artificial Intelligence, other areas include- Problem-solving, Theorem proving. Natural language processing and understanding, Image processing, Text analytics, Computer vision, Automatic programming, Planning and decision support systems, General perception, Deep learning, Biometrics, Engineering design and comical analysis, Neural Architecture, etc.

Expected Technological innovations by 2020

Over the years there has been a much technological advancement. Year’s back who would have thought what we have now would be possible by man. As the years’ past, more and more technological advancement has been made, bringing all sorts of innovations. Some are crazy whereas some have proven to be quite useful. It is proven that nothing is impossible when innovation and technology come together. Here are some technological innovations that might be introduced in the year 2020.

  1. Japan has developed greatly regarding technological advancement, and its ambitious aim for 2020 is to build a robotic lunar outpost which will be built by robots and for the robots. There is no country that has the similar ambition, so Japan will likely be the first country ever to build a good base.
  2. The auto pilot car is one aim pursued by many industries. It would surely bring in comfort for most of the people who travel and at the same time can relax. It is an exciting possibility that there would be cars that can handle self drives on the roads.
  3. A mega industry for Virtual reality which is estimated to be worth $15.89billion by the year 2020 according to the research agency. It is a dream of the technologists and the futurists. The Oculus which is one of the biggest names in the virtual Reality industry plans to launch its iconic and long gestating rift headset soon and so the developers are working on ways to enhance the virtual reality experience and make it mainstream by 2020 as it won’t be only gaming related but medical professionals can use this and also in the field of business.
  4. Getting close to the beings on the other planet in Mars. In 2020 it is aimed to launch and bring data that has never been collected about the red planet. Various instruments would be included on the new rover such as oxygen producing system, an improved camera and also a range of highly improved instruments in order to detect minerals and any organics.
  5. China is preparing to be one of the largest World Reference Economy. Therefore it is planning to build a high tech railway line that links London to Beijing.
  6. The the internet of things. The aim of 2020 is to internet cheap and available for everyone and everywhere such as shopping centres, restaurants, various stops. Like in the movies. About every businesses and industries will become the Internet of things changing how business operates, how they interact with the customers and how they make money. The Internet of things is not about the things but more about the services and making this world connected.
  7. 2020 predictions aim that there will be pioneering innovations in radio engineering as the mobile networks are not efficient enough. This innovation which will have a positive influence on the world’s economy, the quality of life and also in the environment as there will be renewable energy to power the free energy.

Best Technological innovations that changed the world

There have been numerous technological inventions over the past, and it has definitely and significantly changed our lives and the lifestyle we lead. Without these inventions, we cannot imagine how our lives would be now and how the earlier generations found ways to make life easier or how they even connected to each other. So many technologies have contributed to changing the world so coming down to the best technologies is quite hard but here is a list of some of the inventions that had turned our lives around-

  1. Internet- The internet is one of the great inventions that changed the lives of everyone in the world. Connecting people from all over the world and giving access to information on almost every subject. It has affected the social world, business, finance, entertainment and even politics. Now social media via the internet holds immense power and provides endless opportunities, and also internet has provided ways for commercial use.
  2. Artificial Intelligence- AI is one of the biggest inventions in the technological revolution. In a quest to build computer programs in the likeness of the human mind, Artificial Intelligence has made it for technology to assist humans in works or in receiving services.
  3. Mobile phones- The concept of cellular phones dates way back to 1947 but the previous phones were confined in a certain place, but now we can take the mobile phones to a variety of places and use it for multiple tasks.
  4. The computer- The computer is one great invention. With time the computer was modified, and it has led to the invention of PC. The first IBM PC was powered by Intel 8088 microprocessor which was the size of a portable typewriter, and it packed 16k of RAM. Now we can take our PC anywhere we like, being light weight, high RAM capacity with numerous facilities.
  5. Electric Funds transfer- The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco had first set up the paperless transfer system with the Los Angeles branch in the year 1972. Now there are transfers of millions of dollars all over the world making it very easy to send and receive money from all over the world. It has made it easier for international transactions and opened the market to an everyone.
  6. Automobile- The automobile provided ways to mobilise the people. Over the years, the automobile has been modified to meet the needs and the wants of the current generation. With more modifications, the engines became better, and the design became sleek. Before automobiles were only for those who were rich but now it comes for every class in the society. Even the entire city is built in a way for automobiles.
  7. Refrigeration- The method of refrigeration was known for over a long time, but over the years the idea of refrigeration was changed enabling households to store their food for a longer period making it easier to store fresh meat and also dairy products even during hot summer days.